Bright Lights #Lovin. In the audition room today. Feels #good to contribute to other people’s crafts or experiences by being supportive and providing comfort with being #positive. Acting is challenging but it’s truly an #inspiring #world.


Haunted by thoughts of a sun-drenched elsewhere.

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Cleaning out my desktop. These are things that brought me happiness that I must unhoard.



Baby elephant drinking. When they are this young, they don’t yet know how to use their trunks to drink water.

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"I’m like that. Either I forget right away or I never forget."

- Waiting for Godot (via oldfilmsflicker)

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Ryan Donato, Is it Dada if I call this a self portrait? Tumblr

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What Miley Cyrus’ song “we can’t stop” would have sounded and looked like in the 50’s

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Steamy streetcars, missed the downpour by a second, I wore white today.



…why make films?…

Probably, I make films in order to tempt fate, to simultaneously be the most humiliated and, if only for a few moments, the freest person in the world. Because I despise stories, as they mislead people into believing that something has happened. In fact, nothing really happens as we flee from one condition to another. Because today there are only states of being - all stories have become obsolete and clichéd, and have resolved themselves. All that remains is time.

…films are our only means of authenticating our lives. Eventually nothing remains of us except our films - strips of celluloid on which our shadows wander in search of truth and humanity until the end of time.

I really don’t know why I make films.

Perhaps to survive, because I’d still like to live, at least just a little longer….


- ..films..our shadows wander in search of truth and humanity until the end of time… - Béla Tarr, March 1987 (via sovietmontage)
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